Below are just some of our Alumni. We hope to see you here in the near future.

Name:Hector Romo

Major:Electrical Engineering

Grad Year: Spring 2011

Current Job:General Motors (GM)

1) Favorite Memory/Activity in SHPE?

"SHPE conferences, meetings, socials, bonding and community service."

2) How did SHPE contribute to your success?

"Community service, taking advantage of national conferences, and networking."

3) Words of wisdom for the incoming freshman/transfer.

"Be involved in the engineering community and also in the latino community. Be involved in engineering organization and other organization. Also to be involved in academic research even if its volentary and of course to never never give up in the field of engineering. There will be up's but also down's but one has to be determine and willing to over pass those down events. Don't forget where you came from, ones roots."

Hector Romo (Alumn)

Name: Alejandro Cerda
Major: Computer Science - BS, Computer Engineering - Minor
Grad Year: 2011
Current Job: Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin

1) Favorite Memory/Activity in SHPE?

Well there were the Poker Tournaments, the unofficial (but really official) video game night, meetings with popcorn...but I remember having lots of fun at one of our end of the year BBQ (carne asada and water balloon fights, what more could I ask for)

2) How did SHPE contribute to your success?

I can truthfully say that without SHPE I wouldn't be where I am today! A friend and past SHPE president (Eddie Hernandez) turned me on to this organization called Inroads Inc. They were the ones to help me get my internship at Lockheed Martin (which I held for 3 years) and ultimately led to my current full time position as a Software Engineer. For people that know me now, they probably wouldn't describe me as shy but I was shy guy before SHPE came along and taught me the importance of having a voice in a community, the importance of networking, and the valuable skills of leadership. Not only did I open up, I became good at it. SHPE provided me the opportunity to grow professionally, academically, and ultimately as a person.

3) Words of wisdom for the incoming freshman/transfer.

Welcome to the Jack Baskin School of Engineering! There will be some good times to be had with friends, nightmares of exams to be scared about, and lots of junk food to be eaten in the labs. I encourage you to every once in a while to stick your head out of your dorm and out of the labs to branch out, get involved, and become an active part of your engineering community. You will quickly learn that we engineers take great pride in our areas of study. When I was president of our UCSC SHPE chapter, I would tell all the members every first meeting of the quarter: "A community is only as good as its members!" Work hard, have fun, and continue to give our engineering community a good name!

Alejandro Cerda (Alumn)

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