SHPE-UCSC Student Chapter


SHPE at UCSC was founded in 2000 when a group of Latino engineering students decided to form a support group to share common goals and aid each other in developing the skills needed in the professional workplace. Since then, SHPE-UCSC has grown to be an organization to have recruited different types of members of all science and mathematics majors, as well as non-Latino students. Our goal is to serve our members in the advancement of their math, science, and engineering education. Our organization is also dedicated to promoting these fields to students of all school levels ranging from elementary to high school through our various outreach activities.

Membership development and participation has been one of our main goals accomplished by providing professional exposure, leadership opportunities, workshops, and scholarships to assist members in their personal and professional development. Through activities such as conferences, career fairs, specialized workshops, industry speakers, and by encouraging participation in our various committees, SHPE-UCSC remains a growing familia.

Our chapter is a strong organization within the larger Jack Baskin School of Engineering community that has kept it's founding motto alive through its members and activities. Our motto, "Linking Engineers Determined to Succeed", will remain our main focus throughout our actions as a chapter.

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